Screenshot | PAR 3 EMR v2.4 | EMR

Screenshot PAR 3 EMR v2.4 | EMR

Unlike other EMRs/EHRs, PAR 3 EMR electronic medical record eases the learning curve giving providers many ways to achieve an operation. Our EMR screenshot page shows many of the PAR 3 EMR software features with a short functional description for providers. Although each window screenshot is different, their functionalities are similar. Despite the complexity of 2014 ONC functionality, providing good patient care has never been easier with our computerized EHR software. Use of PAR 3 EMR ‘right click’ menus as well as buttons. Try a right click to find something if you find yourself stuck looking for a feature that seems like it should be there.


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PAR 3 EMR Login window

PAR 3 EMR Login



Enter your username and password using the PAR 3 EMR Login window. The sync function is also accessed from here. For first time users in a group practice, make sure you set up using the group database, and not an individual one.


PAR 3 EMR Logo Screen

PAR 3 EMR Main Logo Screen

  Access the locations/patients selection window, as well as other features, from this main logo window.  

PAR3 Patient Location Lists

Select Location/Patient window

  Our EHR starts with the place of service, created in the Location /Patient Selection window.  Use the template at lower left highlight a location to show all patients at that location in the right pane. Assign or un-assign display of certain facilities using right click if your physicians share multiple locations. Keep your view organized if you don’t want to view all your colleagues facilities.  

PAR 3 EMR Add New Location

Add Location

  Add new healthcare location data (place of service) to your database in this window. Similarly a second template is available for use when modifying existing locations.  

PAR 3 EMR Patient Demographics Edit

Patient Demographic Editor

  Modify patient demographic data here. EHR healthcare data need only be captured in the highlighted areas for required patient medical records.  

PAR 3 EMR Diagnosis Master window

Diagnosis Master List

  Select each medical diagnosis and add them to the list view on the right. This should be reviewed at each visit.  

Visit Venue window

Visit Venue Window



Review and modify any information about the patient’s current place and date of service. Capturing an accurate charge starts at this window.


PAR 3 EMR Chief Complaint /HPI Chronic window

Chief Complaint/HPI Chronic path

  Text directly into the note preview on the right, or select from your custom library on the left. Of course, you can use combinations of both methods, in addition to modifying the end draft.  

PAR 3 EMR ROS Edit Description window

Edit Item Description

  Combine library choices with free text alterations seamlessly using the Edit Item window. Just dbl click on the phrase you need changed, change it and save it.  

PAR 3 EMR Examination window


  Document examination findings in the Exam window.  

PAR 3 EMR PMHx window

Past Medical History

  Document past medical history findings in the PMHx window.  

PAR 3 EMR FHx window

Family History

  Enter or modify the family history using this straightforward feature.  

PAR 3 EMR Medical Complexity Window

Medical Complexity



Hollywood Squares is based on medical necessity guidelines and required for accurate charge capture. Select one square from each column most closely corresponding to your patient encounter. Middle column is defaultly selected.


PAR 3 EMR Note Builder Window

Note Builder screenshot

  Use Note Builder to preview your progress and other relevant data, while accessing all previously used note creation features. CPT modifiers, Care Plans and Clinical Instructions are added here. In addition, charge capture points can totaled and amended if necessary using the Note Checker feature. View chronological list of your patient’s visits, in addition to other functions depending on the note’s open status. Select current or past notes for viewing or printing.  

PAR 3 EMR Note Summary Page

Note Summary List screenshot

  View a detailed chronological list of your patient’s visits, in addition to other functions depending on the note’s open status. Select current or past notes for viewing or printing.  

PAR 3 EMR Add New Vital Signs

Vital Signs Editor



Enter patient vital signs using the editor.


PAR 3 EMR Clinical Access Add New Allergy window

Clinical Access/Allergy

  Enter patient allergies along with reactions, dates and severity data.  

PAR 3 EMR Medication List Add Med

Medication Reconciliation



The Medication List window and its add to/reconciliation functions are extensively covered in the video.


PAR 3 EMR Drug Reactions

Drug Reactions

  Review automatically generated medication reactions using the PAR 3 EMR drug reaction window.  

PAR 3 EMR CPOE window




Enter laboratory results using the CPOE/laboratory window to meet ONC requiements.


Smoking Status window

Smoking Status

  Smoking Status keeps the government data trackers happy. As this screenshot shows there is a comprehensive set of data that can selectively be added to the patient profile and only at appropriate visits. Only the highlighted areas are ‘mandatory’ at least once during the patient’s lifetime.  

PAR 3 EMR CPOE Radiology Window


  Enter radiology test data using the radiology software window in this screenshot.  

PAR 3 EMR Add Precedure Window

Clinical Access/Procedures

  PAR 3 EMR CPOE (computerized physician order entry) window is the point of entry for CPOE procedure data.  

PAR 3 EMR Assessment and Plan

Assessment and Plan



Physicians will find the process in this window familiar. Choose an diagnosis(s) from the top left pane (originating from the diagnosis master window). Choose a plan from the bottom left to combine with your diagnosis. Simultaneously send the pair to the right window. For user convenience, patients data record section from the prior note can be called to pre-fill your current note. The verbiage for each diagnosis/plan combination can be individually edited by double clicking it in the right pane. In addition, plan verbiage can be personalized for your more routine phrases using the library function editor.






Although many EMRs/EHRs are certified, the affordable PAR 3 ONC certified EHR gives medical providers an easier way to care for patients and their clinical healthcare records. If you are a smaller physician practice looking for a computerized process to record patient data, our electronic software is what you need.

Note: The information displayed on this page is subject to change without notice. Also, the software screenshots presented here may slightly differ from screens of the program that you may purchase or download.



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