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Our affordable EMR software pricing starts as low as $699 for a single user and $4,099 for 5 user seats in a small practice. PAR 3 EMR pricing is transparently tiered on a per user seat basis. Total five-year costs for single and 5 user seats are $8,199 and $41,599, respectively. Each package allows access to an unlimited number of 'back-office' (non-seat) user staff at no extra charge.

Purchase an affordable emr software and electronic medical record with PAR 3 for small primary care practice buy now your first choice for a low cost system that guarantees the basic functionality to run your practice efficiently and optimize your revenues.

What does a License Buy Me?

Your one time license purchase includes free 24/7/365/forever live support and free upgrades. Using our cloud hosting relieves you of the need to maintain your own server and we charge a nominal monthly hosting subscription. Get the best EMR value on the market with competitive pricing. And best of all, we guarantee to never sell your patient data or display annoying advertisements while you chart.

Six Great Benefits to Implementing an Electronic Medical Record.

1. Improve your efficiency.

There are many practitioner benefits to successful EMR implementation. An efficient system allows physicians more time for patient care related tasks. Time spent searching for patient charts, lab tests, or medication refill lists is greatly reduced.

2. Get more patient face time.

The less time you and your staff save on tracking paperwork can be spent on seeing more patients. Electronic medical record systems should be easy to use with the encounter charting straightforward. Physicians should be able to document complete notes more quickly. More time to spend with their patients.

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3. Increase your billing and collections.

The documented patient notes should provide physicians with the necessary documentation to support claims sent to Medicare, Medicaid and insurance companies. Charge capture with integrated E&M coding helps providers optimize the visit code appropriately. Of course the ability to see more patients also increases your collections as well. These are key benefits of system implementation.

4. Improve the quality of care in your practice.

A good system integrates drug databases, checks drug interactions, and generates accurate medication lists with dosage verification. This helps you prescribe the correct medication and dosage to increase patient safety. System prompts based on problem, medication and allergy lists provide patients with preventive care or test reminders.

PAR 3 For electronic health and electronic medical record needs for solo to smaller primary care physician practices made to fit your budget and meet all the functionality for your patients.

5. Share your database with other mobile practitioners.

Practitioners are usually looking to eliminate paperwork, improve efficiency, seamlessly share patient databases and track information across several locations. This gives your practice provide consistency of care across your provider group.

6. Customizable templates for primary care MDs/DOs and related specialists.

Smaller practices with one to twenty five providers are increasingly moving away from paper charts toward electronic prescribing and lab integration. Practitioners provide primary care in internal medicine, family medicine, outpatient care, holistic therapy, mental health, ophthalmology, nephrology, and chiropractic. A competent system addresses your broad, specialty-specific needs with customizable templates.

Affordable Software PAR 3 EMR for Physicians in Small Primary Care Practice

af·ford·a·ble - reasonably priced.
We offer the affordable EMR alternative for primary care clinicians in small practice. Fiscally smart primary care clinicians enhance patient care with electronic medical record software. Easy data input and trend tracking such as vital signs (e.g. blood pressure). Trigger patient alerts such as potential allergies, billing or test appointment reminders. Decrease billing processing time and create more accurate billing system. We guarantee the functionality you need to meet your patient's needs. With a straightforward workflow to meet your needs for efficient charting, data collection, billing and lifestyle preservation. PAR 3 software is seamlessly scalable for adding more practitioners to your growing practice. See our EHR cost comparison. Don't pay extra for electronic medical record functionality you'll never use in your small practice. Stay within your EMR budget without paying too much.

Three Important Considerations for Electronic Medical Records

1. Security.

With healthcare data breaches occurring almost daily, system security is a common concern. The level of security of protected patient information, privacy and HIPAA compliance are understandable practitioner concerns. You will want to make assurances that your EMR is implemented properly and government standard security measures are in place. Implementing the proper data encryption technology for either on-site or cloud-based systems is critical.

2. User adoption.

System implementation is often a difficult change for providers and staff used to working with paper charts. There are always some user adoption hiccoughs. These difficulties are usually solved with superior system design and available timely training. The learning curve typically depends on the user’s level of tech savviness. Having a clinician trainers with patient encounter experience is able to 'feel your pain'. Understanding both the technological and clinical issues of your learning curve often allows them to relate to your leaning curve. Most user adoption issues can be with adequate training.

3. Implementing a standalone computerized medical record.

This should be a strong consideration if your practice has any of the following conditions.
1. Your practice is unique and needs a responsive vendor with a customizable system solution. We have 24/7/365/forever clinician expert user support and customizable templates.
2. Your practice has outsourced billing with no immediate plans to bring it back in house. Our system provides completed data for submission to your current billing service.
3. You have made a significant upfront investment in a billing and scheduling system you do not wish to replace.

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