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Mobile Physician Technologies makes electronic medical record HIPAA compliance a priority; in fact, both PAR 3 EMR and PAR 3 EMR v2.4 exceed compliance goals in order to keep Personal Health Information (PHI) private. We provide our physicians and clinical providers with tools and products meeting EHR/EMR privacy regulations as well as employ the latest industry encryption standards on our PAR 3 EMR secure servers. In short, patients health care by protecting PHI and secure data transmission on local data storage and through-out the entire data
synchronization process.
What is HIPAA Electronic Medical Record Compliance?

HIPAA Privacy Act or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, amends the IRS code of 1986 impacting all areas health care. Designed to improve the portability and continuity of health benefits through greater accountability, administrative simplification of health insurance, in addition to placement of administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect PHI.

How does the Privacy Act apply to you?

HIPAA calls for healthcare providers using EHRs/EMRs to protect patient information confidentiality in any form; preventing disclosure of patient information to unauthorized parties. As your system domain stores PHI, you are responsible for its physical security as well as compliance of all third party vendors contributing to your data management.

Information Protection. Private. Secure. Rest Assured.

Protect your electronic medical records information system by enforcing password access and policies to provide discriminate data access to specified users and minimize opportunities for electronic intrusion or hacking using appropriate technology.

How does PAR 3 EMR v2.4 facilitate these requirements?

PAR 3 EMR v2.4 provides clients with security mechanisms ensuring the highest standards for your patients confidentiality in accordance with HIPAA regulations, not to mention our unblemished track record regarding compliance. In addition, PAR 3 EMR takes multiple security components into account in addition to successfully passing rigorous ONC security certification testing. Electronic medical record privacy adherence is accomplished through the inclusion of the following features:

I. Authentication

All user logins require authentication authorized with a combination of username and password to log in to the clinical system. Initial passwords are assigned by the administrator which users can later change to their own private passwords. Moreover we strongly recommend changing passwords periodically.

II. Access Control

PAR 3 EMR software offers role based security providing privilege based access to patient information through several access levels. Furthermore your system administrator assigns privileges to users for specified access to specified data.

III. Data Encryption

All network patient, CPOE, prescribing and billing data is securely transmitted between PAR 3 EMR servers with valid ssl certificates. This in order to lower the risk of electronic hacking when using wireless networks.

IV. Activity Logging

PAR 3 EMR has the ability to log all significant chart-related activities. Of equal importance, the log is only accessible to the administrator who can monitor the system activity, as well as attempts at security breaches, and track all significant user actions.

V. Automatic Logoff

ONC EMR/EHR certification requires a timeout automatically triggered by inactivity. This is an auto-logout mechanism that terminates inactive sessions after a specified period of time in order to maintain data integrity and protect against unauthorized access. PAR 3 electronic medical records software improves physician security compliance in it’s patient healthcare data record management system.

VI. Database Security

The local PAR 3 EMR database is encrypted using a 256 bit AES encryption standard. Also, sensitive data such as user passwords are stored securely and are not retrievable.

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