PAR 3 EMR is Now Free!

Mobile Physician Technologies is now offering its already affordable EMR software free with full EMR functionality for either single or multi-user groups. PAR 3 EMR has an easy workflow to meet your needs of efficient charting, data collection, billing and lifestyle preservation. Our fully functional EMR will meet your practice needs. Fiscally smart primary care clinicians enhance patient care with PAR 3 EMR and don't pay for extra functionality that never gets used in practice. We have two requests for using our EMR; 1) Please provide us with an honest testimonial after the 1st 6 months, and 2) please send us feedback so we can improve our program for your use.


affordable EMR software Electronic Medical Record for primary care

PAR 3 EMR Cloud Hosting

We highly recommended hosting for software updates, data backup, third party services (receiving labs/images, e-prescibing, etc), and to relieve you of the need to maintain your own server. Hosting is optional for single users however necessary for small multi-user group practices for the patient data sharing that is generally required. We charge a nominal monthly hosting subscription fee of $125/mo/user seat. All users must link to our server for initial activation. Your license download includes free 24/7/365 forever live support and free upgrades. All packages allow access to an unlimited number of 'back-office' (non-seat) user staff at no extra charge. Our affordable affordable EMR for primary care software guarantees you meet your budget without paying too much. Join the over 4000 clinicians using PAR 3 EMR to save thousands of dollars on EMR software costs.

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Four Great EHR Facts You Need to Know

Many clinicians find electronic health records improve practice management by increasing practice efficiencies and cost savings. A national survey of doctors who are ready for meaningful use offers important evidence:

  1. 82% report that sending prescriptions electronically (e-prescribing) saves time
  2. 68% of providers see their EHR as an asset with recruiting physicians
  3. 70% report enhances in data confidentiality
  4. 75% receive lab results faster

  • Jamoom, E., Patel, V., King, J., & Furukawa, M. (2012, August). National perceptions of ehr adoption: Barriers, impacts, and federal policies. National conference on health statistics.

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