PAR 3 EMR v2.4 electronic health record has all the features you need, where and when you need them…

  • Intuitive Design follows Realistic Clinician Workflow
  • ePrescribing
  • Meaningful Use Dashboards
  • Drug Formulary Checking
  • Offline Use with
    Data Synchronization
  • Referral Management
  • Registry Reporting

Practice data, medication management, lab results, patient education materials, as well as clinical decision support at your fingertips.

Just the Features You Need

In comparing EHRs/EMRs for smaller medical practice, PAR 3 EMR v2.4 has essential features for easy clinical management of patients electronic healthcare records. Our emr software system is ONC certified for meaningful use 1 and 2, and has a straightforward workflow for CPOE and medication prescribing. Seamlessly capture and record charges for medicare/medicaid and other insurance billing with ICD-10, as well as CPT and modifier codes. PAR 3 EMR is SNOMED code ready. Our HIPAA Compliant EHR manages patient health care data fits your needs for better patient care.

Unique Features for PAR 3 Electronic Medical Record

Physicians/providers can use PAR 3 EMR both on and off line, in other words ‘off the grid’. This need for this feature is a point often overlooked and is useful for practitioners needing to chart when no internet access is available. This comes in handy for home visits or nursing homes with especially spotty wireless connectivity. Of course, individual data can be re-synced together with the rest of the practice data. During connectivity, your system correspondingly complies with ONC certification.

Data Security Features

When off the grid, patient data can not be electronically compromised granted your data is not lost or stolen. Generally speaking we suggest users frequently sync their data to our secure, protected servers in case a back up set is needed.

EHR Charting Features

While PAR 3 EMR electronic medical record software encourages charting in real time to increase accuracy and efficiency; unfinished notes can additionally be saved for the purpose of in the event they need to be finished later. Our multi-option choices for data entry-free text, customizable or ‘prior note’ templates in order to give you the best data entry option for every situation. Pay more attention to your patients while charting.

Workflow Features

Our workflow features help users save documentation and training time. Our customizable workflow uniquely personalizes your billing function for batch or individual submission. For example automate emails and phone call scheduling as reminders to patients for messaging and notifications.

Billing Features

The ‘wizard’ makes billing capture easy to be sure, accurate and clear reporting makes bill creation easier.

E-prescribing Features

E-prescribing features enable the ability to print and transmit prescriptions electronically, to say nothing of providing immediate and automatic notifications of potential drug allergies and interactions.

E/M Coding Features

PAR 3 EMR features charge capture to help you comply with evaluation and management documentation standards to help ensure that healthcare payers have the accurate information they require to pay out. Expressly the information PAR 3 EMR records to assist compliance also includes:

  • ICD-10 and SNOMED codes

  • Document complete and legible medical records with reasons for the encounter and relevant history.

  • Record physical exam findings as well as vital signs over multiple encounters.

  • Easily chart assessments, clinical impressions, with diagnoses and their treatment codes

  • Medical plan of care including date, legible identity of the observer.

  • Document appropriate patient health risk factors, progress, response to and changes in treatment, and revision of diagnoses

Lab Integration

Electronically integrate laboratory data in addition to prior diagnostic test results.

Meaningful Use Certification Features

Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs offer cash incentives to users proving they’re using and compliant with the “meaningful use” features of certified EHR technology. Only certified EHR software accomplishes this goal.


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