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PAR 3 EMR has smart charting for busy clinicians who need to document quickly. Named after the '3 minutes' it takes to chart many notes, our customizable templates adapt to your needs with multiple options to quickly create your encounter note. Designed to reduce keystrokes on every function, PAR 3 is the most efficient charting EMR available. Express charting in real time helps productivity and gives doctors more eye contact and face time with patients.


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Document with any combination of six note creation methods:

  1. Free-texting to a blank slate
  2. Single click 'instant charting'
  3. Clone full or selected segments of prior notes
  4. Fully editable generic template library
  5. User customizable routine templates
  6. Free-text modification of all the options above

Customizable charting features add flexible templates for rapid note creation. Our generic note templates built by internists and family practice clinicians. Start with these template notes and customizable to your own clinical verbiage. Another convenient example is the ability chart instantly using a cloned previous encounter, then modifying it with appropriate updates.

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Eight Best Documentation Practices for Electronic Medical Records

Flexible PAR 3 EMR charting features are a clinician's best friend to save valuable time. However these features may carry an adverse risk to reimbursement if not used carefully. Using 'instant note' template charting functions to speed documentation may create inaccuracies in the patient record. Avoiding inaccurate or contradictory statements in the electronic documentation should be an essential task in any clinician note. Take the extra time up-front to submit an accurate note to improve patient care and reimbursement, and reduce the likelihood of a bad outcome during a medico-legal, coding or claim reimbursement audit.

1. Carefully review of the chief complaint – this charting element usually changes from visit to visit. Make sure it gets updated with each new note.

2. Review of the history of present illness – this element often needs to be revised. Just changing the way an issue is described can be beneficial in future chart audits.

3. Avoid copying forward inaccurate facts – one or more facts at the time of the prior note may have changed or become irrelevant for your current note. Clean up these minor facts. Don’t submit your note with contradictions.

emr documentation electronic medical record tips for better documentation using an EMR for primary care and small practice moving at a higher pace than usual

4. Avoid cloning large information blocks without careful review – Re-mentioning a fact or service done at last visit that is irrelevant for your current visit invites an audit headache. Assure each note is appropriately tailored to the patient’s immediate encounter.

5. Don't plagiarize – verbatim cloning of information from other clinicians without personalizing and ‘owning’ the material will come back to haunt you. When you use cloned copy take time to revise it to your own words. Personalization with improved accuracy pays dividends.

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6. Carefully review your current service provisions – clinician services previously documented that are carried over to your current encounter may result in inadvertent over-reimbursement for services not provided and could be considered fraudulent.

7. Review your billable diagnosis list – leaving old diagnoses not relevant to the present encounter could lead to over-reimbursement and inappropriate 'padding' of the clinician services. Re-order them for clinical importance as necessary. Suggesting you evaluated more issues than you actually did could be considered fraud.

8. Remember the sacred truism if it’s not documented, it never happened’ and it's flip side ‘once documented, falsehoods become truth’ – After you submit the note into the patient record, if not immediately corrected, even the smallest of falsehoods may become a medico-legal nightmare for the clinician.

Fully Customize Your EMR Documentation Style

Whether using our user modifiable templates, free-texting or carry over from a prior note, affordable PAR 3 software offers you many convenient ways to create an encounter. Perhaps our most important feature is your ability to modify clones; use your words to make it your own’ that is essential. Taking the time to submit an accurate note improves patient care and reimbursement; and reduces the likelihood of a bad outcome during an audit in a medico-legal, coding or claim reimbursement arena.

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Affordable, Fast Charting EMR | Electronic Medical Record System

Our affordable electronic medical record pricing starts as low as $699 for a single user and $4,099 for 5 user seats in a small practice. Total five year software costs for single and 5 user seats are $8,199 and $41,599, respectively. EMR pricing is tiered on a per user seat basis. Each package allows access to an unlimited number of 'back-office' (non-seat) user staff at no extra charge. Your one time license purchase includes free 24/7/365 forever live support and free upgrades. Using our cloud hosting relieves you of the need to maintain your on servers and we charge a nominal monthly hosting subscription fee. Compare our pricing with other EMR systems and you will find this the best EMR software value on the market. PAR 3 EMR never sells your patient data or displays annoying advertisements.

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