EHR software performs all the same functions as an EMR, in addition to having significant advantages in many physician practices. Clinicians digitally record basic medical history into structured databases in both an EMR or EHR software. Only EHR software captures, stores, retrieves data for the purpose of inclusive information sharing with authorized health care providers across multiple healthcare organizations.

EHR Software Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Seamless electronic patient data sharing with all clinicians and ancillary care services such as; consultants, laboratory, pharmacy and medical imaging facilities effectively improves decision making. EHR software monitors a patient's historical data from various medical providers for the purpose of analyzing important trends. They offer clinicians timely access to useful tools, for example evidence-based tools, consumer/third party expectations, and frequently changing payer requirements. Accurate information sharing markedly enhances effective healthcare communications to improve healthcare quality. Price is a major factor for physicians in delaying EHR adoption. Compare our EHR prices here.

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EHR Software Purchase Considerations

Search for low EHR costs selections to keep the process affordable and straightforward. Physicians here at Mobile Physician Technologies recommend making the following considerations:

1. Does the EHR meet my current and future needs?
Is the billing process simplified with charge capture and documentation guidance?
Is there a need to change billing services?

2. Is the EHR ONC certified, in other words, for Meaningful Use Stages 1 and 2, in addition to functional with ICD-10 support, HIPAA compliant, and and PQRS?

3. Is the EHR reasonably priced and affordable now and over the next 5-10 years?
How much is onboarding?
Are there ongoing license, upgrade, interoperability, support or customization fees?
Will additional software/hardware upgrades be necessary?

4. Is onboarding, implementation and practice transition support convenient and freely available?

5. Is the tech support timely, free, ongoing and truly unlimited?

Prior to EHR Licensing

1. Write a clear list of what you need your EHR software to do now.
2. Have a general idea of what you need your EHR to be doing in the next 5 years as your practice grows.
3. Budget. There is no sense paying for additional EHR functionality if your practice only needs an EMR. Compare EHR costs. If and when you decide on an EMR, consider one with the ability to seamlessly activate EHR functionality in the future to fit your changing needs.
4. Schedule a demo by all means, if possible or convenient, or download a free trial (easier).

Choose ONC Certified EHR Software Technology

Certified EHR technology should provide both EHR and EMR functionality. We utilize an electronic health record system built around a tried and tested electronic medical record. Eligible professionals require an EHR in order to meet participation requirements for meaningful use incentive programs. PAR 3 EMR v2.4 is reasonably priced, affordable EHR software designed with attention to meeting the needs of smaller physician practices while improving patient outcomes and saving money and time. Pricing starts as low as $1,799 for a single user seat and $9,999 for up to 5 user seats. Our packages allow access for an unlimited number of 'back-office' staff at no extra charge. The one time license purchase includes free 24/7 live support and free upgrades. Ensure privacy, security, and data backup for a nominal annual fee for using our cloud hosting.

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