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EHR costs comparison* Amazing Charts PAR 3 EMR v2.4 SOAPware E-MDs Kareo**
Solo Practitioner          
1st year  $4,656 $3,299  $5,600 $7,200 $3,600
5 year  $23,260 $9,299 $20,000  $36,000 $18,000
5 Clinician Practice          
1st year  $23,280 $16,399 $28,000 $36,000 $18,000
5 year  $116,300 $46,399 $100,000 $180,000 $90,000

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PAR 3 EMR v2.4


The Affordable EHR Designed by Doctors for Doctors.
The EHR cost for a small physician practice can run tens of thousands of dollars. EHR implementation costs include fees for maintenance, hardware and support. Our EHR costs comparison shows the true cost of an EHR/EMR is much lower. Schedule a live demo to learn how PAR 3 EMR v2.4 will save you thousands for the cost of an EHR/electronic medical record.

Save on your EHR cost with the PAR 3 EMR v2.4. The affordable EHR.

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*EHR costs comparison estimates analysis based on survey pricing results found in Business News Daily. Adam C. Uzialko, EHR Systems for Small Practices: 2016 Recommendations. January 4, 2016 Although the EHR costs survey only considered EHR systems, the true cost of EMR is generally lower.
**Kareo estimated pricing projected taken from their internet published $300/month pricing (January 2017).

All EHR costs and the cost of EMR

are subject to change without notice.
Compare the affordable pricing of PAR 3 EMR v2.4 (EHR) with PAR 3 EMR here.

EMR Systems Cost Comparison

Hardware, software, training, support, ongoing fees and EHR/EMR software vendor profit margin all play a role. PAR 3 EMR v2.4 EHR costs are low, straightforward and transparent with no hidden fees. Our affordable ONC Certified EHR software costs comparison shows we have transparent, affordable pricing to show exactly what you will pay for the term of your use. In addition, we will never sell your patient information or advertise to you during your EHR charting as some 'free software' vendors do. Save thousands of dollars by taking advantage of our affordable EHR costs.

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