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Electronic medical records are a clinician tool converting a patient's paper chart medical history into a digitized, structured database. Electronic medical records improve patient care within the medical practice by tracking data chronologically, identifying opportunities for preventive screenings and checkups, and monitoring data trends; e.g., blood pressure. EMRs optimize the three healthcare tenets: access, quality and cost.

Electronic medical record

Electronic Medical Record Benefits

Structuring data in an EMR improves practice efficiency by providing convenient, timely access to accurate information at the point of care. An electronic medical record stores current and historic medication and allergy lists reducing common harmful prescribing and medical errors. Legible charting reduces misinterpretation saves time and increases patient safety. EMR software also creates reliable problem lists helping identify important health factors in specific patient populations. Patients with these factors can then be targeted for health reminders and follow up treatments. Cost benefits have yet to be fully realized. Increased note legibility reduces misinterpretations and medical errors with improvements in patient safety. Information availability at the point of care improves efficiency by reducing paperwork, saving clinician time. PAR 3 EMR reduces diagnostic test duplication. Electronic medical record software benefits practice economics with streamlined coding through automatic charge capture, ICD-10 code search and billing.


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An electronic medical record improves patient health by exceeding best office practice standards. Using an EMR creates customer service opportunities for small offices. Despite clear advantages of EHR over EMR, many clinicians only need the basic functionality of an affordable electronic medical record. Assess your current and future practice needs, then compare EMR |  EHR costs to assure a good fit for your budget.

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