Mobile Physician Technologies is a privately held software development vendor based in DenverMobile Physician Technologies believes in the transformation of primary care through affordable, reliable software. Our transformation relies on designing products to be helpful, simple to use, and user friendly. Physician founded in 2007, we are a privately-held Denver firm using our ambulatory care experience in order to passionately develop clinician-centric electronic health record software for primary care physicians. We created an affordable EHR | EMR with a combination of  'instant charting' technologies in order to meet our budget and fast charting needs as well as the needs of our patients. Most users report being able to finish a note in 3 - 5 minutes (thus the name 'PAR 3 EMR'). MPT specializes in solo to small provider practices in order to assist clinicians innovate patient healthcare with our EHR | EMR.

The EHR Opportunity
Seeing both outpatients and home-based patients 'off the grid', we managed data from all sources. Our clinician group purchased the most popular enterprise electronic health record solution at a significant overall cost. There were startup, on-boarding, implementation and maintenance fees. We realized their designers had never participated in a real patient encounter. Typically it took 10 mouse clicks where 3 would have sufficed for any given function. It slowed our productivity and adversely affected patient billing. We began to feel the high recurrent annual fees as 'dumb doctor taxes' for continued use of their product.

Our Electronic Health Record Solution

We decided to develop our own cost effective practice tool: an EHR that was easier to use and much less expensive to maintain. Our programming efforts have since survived ever increasing government regulations, e-prescribing, ICD-10, CPOE, certification requirements for meaningful use 1 and 2, and PQRS. Although many EMRs/EHRs are certified, the affordable, HIPAA compliant PAR 3 ONC v2.4 certified EHR gives medical providers an easier way to care for patients and their clinical healthcare records.

Mobile Physician Technologies is a privately held software development vendor based in Denver and all of our wonderful software products About Us | PAR 3 EMR | EHR | Electronic Medical Record | Electronic Health RecordOur Success
PAR 3 EMR v2.4 electronic health record solution balances inherent workflow inefficiency and lower productivity of an EHR | EMR with physician intuition and optimal revenue generation. PAR 3 EMR v2.4 quickly charts a complete visit encounter in addition to easing other helpful patient care tools. If you are a smaller physician practice looking for a HIPAA compliant, computerized process to record patient data and assist in patient billing, purchase our electronic health record software. If all you need is a PAR 3 EMR electronic medical record, we've got you covered.

Mobile Physician Technologies
ONC certified PAR 3 EMR v2.4 is "an EHR | EMR for the rest of us". Our fast, easy implementation and affordable pricing offers an efficient, no frills, 'just what you need' approach. This lets us pass the savings on to you. Our support team is excellent as any software down time is unacceptable. As clinicians we realize time is our most valuable resource. We know what EHR users go through; we have been on both sides of the office workflow equation. Join our EHR | EMR user community.

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